Their enclosure must have hiding spots for guinea pigs to feel at ease in a new setting. Decorations must always be a part of every guinea pig’s habitat because they stimulate the mind and serve as relaxing spaces. It would help if you did not use workout rollers and balls, as they can seriously injure the spine and back. 

Because they lack the suppleness of other rodents, cavies can inflict severe bodily harm. Also, keep your guinea pig inside the following things. Avoid using leashes or harnesses because they are simple to remove and cause painful spinal and back injuries by flexing and stretching a cavies spine. Here are the necessary accessories for your lovable guinea pig.

Cage Accessories That Are Required

Cavies require somewhere to hide so they may feel secure. These must be sufficiently covered and fashioned of a strong, water resistant, such plastic. Igloos, little seats, and cartons turned upside-down are a few examples. You must ensure that every hiding place has enough ventilation and air circulation. 

Passageways are also an excellent idea, and these may be built out of folded paper which you can throw away if they become filthy PVC tubing and upside-down hay stacks. Additionally, the enclosure wall should be equipped with a metal sipper-equipped water bottle. It is recommended to use a big bottle because cavies can consume much water throughout the day and in the evening. It would help if you had a solid ceramic bowl that cannot be turned over to give your guinea pigs a simple pellet blend or to keep veggies. 

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Every cage must always include a hay rack you can mount to the wall. It helps to maintain the hay off the ground, which can become dirty, and keeps it dry. You may make your hay racks from twisted wire grids, buy them from a pet supply company, or use the lids from bird cages.

The Right Toys

You must cautiously pick toys because many feature removable or moveable elements that are choking hazards and may be readily ingested. Toys must be sturdy, without any connected sharp objects, and without any small, readily chewed portions. A firm, fluffy toy without any little pieces that can be ingested or broken apart by biting or motion is a good indicator of what kind of toy it is.

Hanging mirrors, bells on sturdy hooks, plush toys, and metal fruit trays are a few more suitable options. Constantly make thoughtful choices and thoroughly inspect every toy before buying. PVC pipes Always double-check the length and width measurements. Piping must have a minimum diameter of 4 inches, preferably more. You may also create your passageways by joining the numerous joins and elbows. 

You may also use old post office tubes if they are wide enough. Additionally, you may utilize fleece tunnels in place of piping. They are offered in our gordotheguinea and available in several different colors and styles. Numerous accessories are available in our store that surely your guinea pigs will love.